Top Website Design Trends of 2016

Website Design Trends

Theres one thing about design its always evolving, always changing and always improving
This years emerging website design trends aim to simplify the the user experience and streamline the user interaction.

Hero images

Website Trends Hero Images

Hero images are one of the best ways to capture the viewers attention from the start and provide a perfect centerpiece for minimalist sites. “Since vision is the strongest human sense, HD hero images are one of the fastest ways to grab a user’s attention. Thanks to advances in bandwidth and data compression, users won’t suffer from slow load times either.” – Jerry Cao at Awwwards


Long Scrolling

Website Trends Long Scrolling

Sites with long scrolling capabilities quickly became popular over the course of the year with sites like Roll Park ( utilising this feature to create a dynamic, unique looking website. This feature translates well to touch and smaller devices, making the site fun and engaging to use. Long scrolling is often used to tell a story and a way of simplifying navigation within the page. Configure each screen in a fold to act as a page, complete with its own central theme, central images, to create flow and unity throughout. Including a ‘scroll to top’ button makes the navigation alot easier when you get to the end of the page, improving and balancing the user experience within the site.


HD Visuals

Website Trends HD Visuals

With the drastic advancement in smartphones, websites needed to keep up. HD images became more popular since smaller devices now show the resolution beautifully, and advancement in website loading times means no need to worry about delayed sites.


Dramatic Typefaces

Website Trends typography

Streamlined and minimal designs alow for the strong and dramatic use of typography, Artistic, and calligraphy style fonts are becoming popular because they feel personal and tangible.


There you have it, the biggest website trends of 2016, wonder whats in store for us next year

In closing, remember to always apply trends in context. Never follow trends because they “look great”, only apply the techniques if it actually benefits your users and are suitable for your client.


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